therattle's Journal

Hello World!
I'm a somewhat stubborn and shy 21yo geek lurking in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.

I love music, I play keyboards in my spare time and love to fire twirl and own/help newbies in my favorite video games.

As a somewhat shy bi guy, I'm not very lively except for things and issues I feel passionate about and my small set of somewhat niche interests.

Economically, I'm a student who is practicing his programming and animation skills - while looking for more reliable part time work - maybe being a HTML guy idk. Maybe going to UNI soon (after recently finishing TAFE, in multimedia). I want to animate and write Artificial Intelligence for games. I really like the idea the idea of testing the psychological aspect of a player, and experimenting with different concepts logic economics and forming a story line out of that.

Politically I am very left-wing and value socialist and like ideas highly.

I'm definitely athestic, once considering myself a pagan during my younger years.

echo "End spiel";
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