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the last month - Mick
August 31st, 2006
04:12 pm


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the last month
yeah at tafe now.. our classes get canceled allot as in today.. i saw the first swinnie band at lunchtime that we half decent (in my eyes).tehwoot. rock keyboard is still good fuckers. And so here I am downloading (more) mp3s, doing my rounds on forums I regular.
*I've aquired a taste for weird crazy music, but my drug an alcohol consumption hasn't changed much.
*Been playing video games less, drawing and writing more.
*Become more complacement and calm with other people.
*Lounging around watching the box, still a fair bit.
*Got roped into buying my sister a bd pres, as opposed to recycling my old shit/piracy.
*Got ontop of my due work.
*Bedrm messier than usual.
*Trashed the idea of keeping my finances in an excel sheet.
*Trashed, last weekend.
*Started structuring my radio show.
*Doing less film/tv stuff.
*Eating healthier.
*Easting more shit (opposing extremes).

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